Meet the team 2019-08-07T21:44:24+07:00

Mas Dinar

Director / DP / VFX / CGI

Besides a videographer, I am also music producer, choir coach. Here, in this studio I create a concept of creative video, and a scenario director that will help you to enhance your company’s appearance.


Writer / Editor

I started as YouTube Content Creator, creating videos as a passion and way to free up my mind. My style of editing and cinematography is inspired by well-known creators such as Peter McKinnon, Devin Supertramp, and Casey Neistat. Through the process of script writing and editing, this can make his sleep better and his dreams come true.


DOP / Editor

I’d love the “behind-the-scenes” job. It’s happy when I can work by my heart and feels so grateful when the work reached the audience. Appreciate the process while working, and learn through the process.


Cinematographer / Editor

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.